Continuous Classroom Improvement:
First Steps in Using A Systems Approach to Improve Learning Results

Purpose: Increased understanding and competency to implement a continuous improvement model as the way to improve classroom learning results.


Required Knowledge and Skills (Expected Outcomes):

 Rationale for continuous improvement as a way of meeting or exceeding requirements

 Ability to publish and post classroom learning goals aligned to state and district requirements

 Ability to align process improvement to classroom learning goals

 Ability to differentiate between strategic and operational/process results

 Ability to differentiate between school-, classroom-, and learner-level systems

 Understanding of the role of comparison trend data in improvement

 Understanding of the role of students and their families as partners in managing and improving
   the classroom learning system

 Development of personal action plans for on going cycles of Plan-Do-Study-Act


Target Audience:

Classroom teachers, program specialists, instructional support teachers


Participant Prerequisites:



Recommended Time:

2 days


Required Materials for Participants:

 Continuous Classroom Improvement Participant Workbook


Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Participant Learning:

 Classroom Systems Check II

 Classroom Resource Guide

 Program Specialist Systems Check II

 Grade Level/Department Systems Check II

 Classroom Learning System Walk-Through Guide and Formative Assessment